Getting Started for Hosts and PMs

These short videos will help you get set up on Properly so you can start scheduling turnovers in no time!

Connecting to Airbnb & HomeAway

When you connect your Properly account with listing platforms, Properly syncs your properties, photos, and booking calendar. This allows you to create checklists with your own listing photos and schedule cleaning jobs directly from your bookings calendar.

Even if you list the same properties on more than one platform, Properly will allow you to merge the properties so you can combine information and keep bookings separate.

  1. Connect to your listing platforms
  2. Add a property manually
  3. Edit your property details
  4. Add a new checklist with text templates and listing photos

Editing Checklist Slides

  1. Add task pins to your photos
  2. Add notes to your task pins
  3. Ask for photos of your cleaners' finished work

Checklists can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. For inspiration on creating checklists, watch this webinar.

Scheduling a Job

  1. Schedule a job from a property or from a new booking
    1. From Properties: Select your property > Choose one or more checklists > Send Checklist
    2. From Calendar: Select +, or select a Check In or Check Out to schedule a job from a booking
  2. Fill out your request and send
  3. Check the status of your request in the Calendar tab

Viewing Finished Jobs and Photos

  1. Go to Calendar tab > History > Select the job
  2. View Details: Start time, finish time, photos you requested, problems reported, and unfinished tasks

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