Getting Started for Cleaners

These short videos will help you get started quickly so you can WOW your clients with your work and get even more great jobs!

Accept Your Invite to Create an Account

  1. Open the link you received from your client
  2. Tap Accept Invite
  3. Create your account
  4. Download the app
  5. Tap Log in

Create an account using the information you were invited with:
i.e. if your client invited you with your phone number, use your phone number to create your account.

Accepting Job Requests

  1. Tap on the job request
  2. Preview the job to decide if you want to accept it
  3. Accept or decline the job and your client will get a notification
  4. TapStart Job

Clients can send one request to multiple cleaners at once so the first to respond gets the job.

Starting a Job

On the date and time of your scheduled job, open the Properly app and use it while you work. Your clients can also follow along on their side.

  1. Tap on the task pins
    • Client Photo Requests - Clients can ask for photos of your finished work. When the camera icon appears, take a photo of that finished task.
    • Overview - See all your tasks in an overview.
    • Report Problems - Send photos or notes of any damage, missing items, or problems to your client.
    • Contact Clients - Contact your client via SMS or email directly in the app.

Task Pins List








Strip / Replace







Clean Glass


Empty Trash


Light On

Jobs are marked "Incomplete" on your client's side if you don't tap every task pin. Use the overview feature to make sure you've tapped every pin so the job is completely finished.

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