Get Quality Cleaning Jobs with Properly

Cleaning a vacation rental can take a lot of guesswork for cleaners and housekeepers. Know what your clients want with Properly, and book more attractive hospitality jobs for yourself.

Properly app - airbnb management software

See What Clients Want

Vacation rental hosts send their hospitality instructions to you with Properly. A Properly job combines photos and text in a way that makes it easy to know how clients want their home cleaned and presented. Properly also lets you preview a job before you accept it so you can schedule your work more efficiently.

Properly app - airbnb management software

A World of Job Opportunities

Thousands of hosts around the world use Properly’s tool today and every six minutes one of them needs help preparing their home for new guests. We can match you with those hosts to find more hospitality jobs in your area.
Find out how

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Be Your Own Boss

Properly is not a cleaning service, it’s simply a tool to work better with your clients and find new opportunities. You set your price, you determine your hours, you build your brand, and you decide what jobs to accept or decline. The best part? You keep 100% of your earnings.

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Get More Hospitality Jobs in two Steps

  1. Use Properly as a tool to work more effectively, get longer jobs, and avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Join the Community cleaner Marketplace on your app. Your profile will only become visible to new clients after you finish your first Properly job. The more jobs you finish on Properly the higher you will appear in the list of available cleaners clients see.